Find Your Voice

Workshops & expo, 2019

Workshops for girls and young women. Through topic exploration, role modeling, script writing, filming and editing, they learn to articulate and express in something essential to them in a short video.

Première at Bozar expo "Next Generation, Please!" in May 2019

In collaboration with European Activism Incubator and Zinnema

Thousand Shades of Brussels

Foto & audio series, 2019

This collaboration between photographer Emily Smith and researcher Sophie Feyder combines black and white photography and audio narration. Each portrait focuses on a poignant aspect of the character’s personal story in the city. Together, they manifest what makes Brussels such a vibrant metropolis.

Currently in production

Diversity and the Belgian Police

Webdocu series, 2018

7 Belgian police officers challenge perceptions. They stress the importance of a greater diversity and inclusion within the police forace and illustrate how this can help the police meet the challenges of the future.

With the support of Open Society Foundation, 2018

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Musical short film, 2018

This afrofuturist musical follows five individual stories of African descendants who are trying to survive a breakneck ride to the end of Europe as we know it.

Coproduction with Black speaks Back, BOZAR, Pianofabriek Citylab

World Première at Pan African IFF, Los Angeles, 2019

Message to My Mother

Documentary film, 2018

Mothers and daughters with a migration history enter into dialogue across generational, cultural and religious borders.

Educational tool to promote dialogue, produced for Merhaba vzw.

With the support of Vlaamse Gemeenschapscommissie

On The Wild Edge

Documentary film, 2016

In 1980 David and Carolyn Petersen left Los Angeles in search of a simple, independent life in tune with nature.

This film explores that life through Dave’s annual bow hunt.

Première at Docu West, 2016


Art book and film, 2017

This book and film shed a unique and nuanced light on South African history, through the juxtaposition of the Ronald Ngilima and the Fyvie family photo archives.

Both presented at the Arles Foto Festival 2016


Workshops and exhibit, 2016

What happens when the way you see yourself does not match what your papers say about you?

A series of workshops led to an exhibition presenting original audiovisual material generated by the participants.

Presented at BOZAR, Next Generation, Please festival 2016

Natalia Pieczuro

Ongoing collaboration

Margins has supported Natalia's work for over half a decade, and is delighted to see her solo show,

This Kind of Bird Flies Backwards finally take flight.

Roots & Wings

Documentary film, 2015

Four deeply moving testimonies of LGBT Belgians with Moroccan roots give unexpected insights into a cultural conflict few are familiar with. They speak of desires and losses, of family ties stretched to the limits of unconditional love.

Produced with Merhaba vzw.

Winner ‘Prize of the heart’ 2015, issued by Cavaria

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