Diversity and the Belgian Police

Series of video portraits, 2018


Idea & Production: Aleksandra Mierzwa

Camera & Edit: Christopher Daley

Communication: European Activism Incubator asbl

PR Consulting: Nikki Sullings

Translations: Loraine Van Rij


Length: series of video portraits x 2min


Project supported by:

Open Society Foundations, Belgian Police & Margins.be

More information: aleksandra@margins.be

As our society evolves into the 21st century, police work has become more complex and demanding.

So has the relationship between the police and the populations they police. In times of polarisation and mistrust, this project features a number of police and former police who illustrate how more diversity in the police can help.

‘Diversity and the Belgian Police’ aims to stimulate constructive dialogue between the police and the general population, in particular minorities. It is funded by the Open Society Foundations and realised by Margins.

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